Save The Date: Showroom Invitation Announcement “___DAN TOMIMATSU Jewellery collection「DISSOLVE」&「UNBOUND」Paris showroom”

___DAN TOMIMATSU Jewellery collection Paris showroom


Date: 22th – 28th  June 2017
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm


collection “DISSOLVE” rude ore 2.0


“DISSOLVE” は、2つのプロセスからなる工芸貴金属技法によって、金属が元来持っていた有機性に触れることのできるジュエリーコレクションです。

DISSOLVE is a method for crafting precious metals, entirely new to the world.
DISSOLVE reduces the inorganic and neutral gold, which has been modified through processing, to its organic power possessed in its rude ore.


collection “UNBOUND”


ジュエリーとは、自身を表現するものであると同時に人の思い出や出来事、記憶を留めるものと言えます。幾何学的な形状を有機的に歪める事によって、何かを留める道具に見立てられた”UNBOUND” collection は、道具が本来備えていた機能を失いながらも、象徴として人の心に作用します。

Jewellery is a ornament to express the self as well as an instrument to retain memory and feeling.The jewellery, replacing the material with precious metals while keeping the original shape, loses inherent physical function, but symbolically acts in human mind.Each jewellery are not only created by highly skilled craftsmanship in Tokyo but also with Japanese traditional method of art “MITATE”