18SS collection

photo: Julien Boudet (Bleu Mode)
model: Zen Christie 
stylist: Minami Nosaki  
direction & editorial design: LE BERGER

17AW collection

photo: Eri Kawamura
model: Ryo Ichinose 
stylist: Minami Nosaki  
direction & editorial design: LE BERGER


photo: JULIEN BOUDET (Bleu Mode)
model: Takahiro Yaguchi 
styling: Nobuhiko Akiyoshi 
editorial design: Yusuke Shiiki

16AW  collection

photo: Julien Boudet ( Bleu Mode )
model: 石井 蔵人_Kurato Ishii
styling: Nobuhiko Akiyoshi
editorial design: Yusuke Shiiki

Araki Yuuは専門学校にてファッションを学んだ後に、幾つかのブランドでのインターンの経験や、実際の量産工場及び縫製工場といった現場での経験から、洋服作りの原点に立ち返り、全ての工程で手作業によって物作ることを掲げ設立したブランドです。最初に自分が作りたいシャツを形にする事から始め、現在ではフルコレクションを発表しています。シーズンにおける明確なブランドコンセプトなどは設けておらず、トレンドに囚われる事なく、歴史ある国内の機屋の職人と生み出しているオリジナル素材をメインに、染色、パターン、縫製仕様、付属など全てのディティールにフォーカスし、ブランドが持つオリジナリティを大切にしながら、細部にまでこだわりを持った物作りをハンドメイドで一点一点製作しています。

Araki Yuu brand has been founded by himself at 2013 with his principle to make clothes entirely by hand on all processes by himself going back to the origin of making clothes in glorious old days. After he had studied in a Japanese fashion collage and then had internship experiences at some Japanese fashion-houses, he had learned and trained more precisely how to make clothes in both physical sewing factory and production factory in Japan. A few years later after those experiences, Yuu just launched to make a shirts for himself with skills from his background at the beginning, and then he has prepared full clothing collection including Jacket, Coat and Trousers now a days. Yuu doesn’t hold up defined season’s concept at each seasons so far, and he’s been making clothes piece by piece, using mainly his exclusive fabrics created by collaborations with a few Japanese historical textile mills which has been running over at least century as well as focusing on entire details like hand-dyeing, pattern-making, sewing technique and careful selection of the attachments, by entirely hand-making with both scrupulous attention to details and cherishing brand identity and philosophy.


Wholesales Agent Contract with Araki Yuu: Worldwide



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