DAN TOMIMATSU is a product design studio in Japan established in 2009. DAN TOMIMATSU designs products in daily living by emphasising on, in addition to the products’ convenience, the function of products working on human mind. The product provides with the shapes to essential beauty and collective memory that are not often realised in pursuit of necessity in our lives and stimulates the awareness.The minimal style on highly refined craftsmanship is designed as a “long-term product” that enhances richness of our everyday lives.DAN TOMIMATSU presents designs that, instead of building the alternatives, create opportunities to realise the potential in the existing environment.



“RUDE ORE 1.0″ 

Collection DISSOLVE is the new jewellery collection created by the original method for crafting precious metals, entirely new to the world.
Occasionally the natural process generates that the soil melts the other material contained in the gold alloy away from the ancient jewellery buried on the ground for thousands of years.
As a consequence of this phenomenon this gold maintains a complex texture not only on the surface but also internally, like an ore composition. 
Its texture created by the elemental  reaction spending a long time has an organic structure of the gold used to be nature despite it went through the manufacturing process.
___ DAN TOMIMATSU focused attention on this phenomenon and evolved into the original craft method “DISSOLVE”.
The establishing the specific condition to ingenerate this phenomenon enabled the integration of the organic texture and jewellry.
Collection DISSOLVE brings together features of the geometric figure and natural composition, modernity and inheritance from the past.
Collection DISSOLVE DAN TOMIMATSU 開発した独自の技法 “DISSOLVE”を用いて制作されるジュエリーコレクションです。
___ DAN TOMIMATSUはこの現象に着目し、工芸技法 “DISSOLVE” へと発展させました。





“unbound 3.0″

“keeps and yet emancipates.”

Jewellery is an instrument to keep human memory and moments as well as an ornament to express oneself.
UNBOUND is a collection of partly distorted geometric figures (square, circle, etc.) transformed to keep-purpose instruments, in use of the Japanese traditional art method “mitate”. 
While these instruments lose their original physical function, yet interact as symbols to the human mind.


ジュエリーは、自身を表現するものであると同時に、人の思いや出来事、記憶を留めるものと言えます。colllection UNBOUNDは、幾何学的な形状を有機的に歪める事により、何かを留める道具に見立てらてたジュエリーコレクションです。


“unbound 2.0″




Jewellery, an instrument that is filled with memory and feeling, becomes more beautifully shining by being attached to human body.
This collection presents jewelries that are created with the best size to human body as well as the universal figures and refined materials by considering them to be able to wear for a long time in everyday life.
”BESPEAK” presents a model of made to order which is reconstructed for the contemporary life.


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